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Representative Payee Manager

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Is your client base growing so fast you canít keep up with it?  Are you using a system that is outdated or trying to make do with software not made specifically for the needs of Representative Payees?  Itís time to consider what our software can do for your agency.

Representative Payee Manager (RPM) is professionally designed to make your agency more efficient and enable you to better serve your clients.  RPM reduces the amount of time you spend organizing paperwork and doing accounting.  RPM puts up-to-date information at your fingertips so you can get fast access to balances, transactions and reports from any computer on your network. 

RPM uses strict and transparent accounting methods.  Mass and individual checking accounts can be configured and the accounting is simple.  RPM automates social security deposits and reporting requirements.  Recurring payments and deposits can be scheduled for clients.  Checks are printed one at a time or in groups.  Batch checks can be generated and vendor transactions can be analyzed.  Built-in security allows you to give access to the appropriate client information throughout your organization.

Complete Computer Solutions has been servicing Representative Payee Agencies for over 15 years.  Our goal is to provide amazing products and services from the moment you contact us.  Our support staff is courteous, thorough and professional.  Give us a call and we think youíll agree that our RPM software is the best solution available today.

Our clients provide the best testimony to our success.  Visit our Testimonials section to see what some of them have to say.

Client Information
  • Basic Client Information
  • Client Demographics
  • Case Notes
  • Asset Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Contacts
  • Document Linking
  • Impairments
  • Test Scores
  • Photo


  • User Log-on and Password Protection
  • Security Levels for Controlling Access
Financial Information
  • Recurring Payments and Deposits
  • Check and Deposit Entry
  • Batch Checks to Vendors and Clients
  • Print All or Selected Checks
  • Reconcile Your Bank Account
  • Mass and Individual Accounts
  • User-Defined Check Layout
  • Interest Allocation
  • Transactions - by Client, Date, Type
  • Client Budgets and Balances
  • Income and Expense Graphs
  • Case Notes and Statistics
  • Vendor Transactions
  • Account Manager Statistics
  • Over 90 reports  with multiple variations


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